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So tie my hands back....................

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Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 06:13 pm
WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Saturday really sucked. Me Lisa and Trevor were suppossed to go to the rock hall with some of her other friends, but we didn't because the girls mom who was suppossed to take us was a major fuck. ARGH. I was so extremely ecxited, and Im sure Trevor was too, but we ended up going to the fucking mall, which we go to every week. I cant wait for saturday to meet Aaron Carter at the mall. I also cant wait till next Wednesday which is the AFS show at the Agora. I hope Trevors mom will take us, because those are the only things I have to look forward to right now. I guess Saturday ended up being fun though, because we walked to the thrift store and I got a pokemon and a harry potter shirt. Little boys shirts are like the sex on me and Lisa. I walked there again today with Trevor.....oooooooh half price Mondays!!! I got a sexy power rangers shirt, a black dress shirt thing with these huge sleeves, and this yellow cape-type thing. Trevor got this little kids shirt with a hood that says "PHAT street boys" on it and its so uberly eighties and tight. I was planning on getting the magic bullet today, but it was $80 today and like next week its going on sale for like $60. At least the uber-hot-i-would-go-lesbain-for-girl that was working there liked my teen titans shirt. I mean it is pretty sexy, but everyone always just thinks Im a loser when I wear it. Hey thats ok, since my point in life is to make people feel better about themsleves cause theyre never as bad as I am. Wow, I just figured out how lame I am. I mean Im sitting here writing in an online journal that nobody ever reads, and somehow this is making me feel like I have a point in life. I really wish Trevor wasnt gay, and I wish Nick was on so I could talk to him. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 5 days until Aaron Carter is at FYE. I just realized that. This might be sad but, I am genuinely excited to go. I wish he was like playing. Wait oh he doesnt play anything. Well I wish he was like.....performing?!?!?! Man I can see myself rocking out. Next concert, I am going. Ill have him sign a picture from when he was like 8 and be like AAAHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU. Oooooh maybe he'll write "girl you shine heart aaron carter". Oh hes probably there to promote his new cd. YEAH MAN WAHOOOOOOOOOOO TO THAT. Ill have to buy it. Ok umm Ive been talking about Aaron Carter for.....10 minutes now. Now THAT is dedication. Im so glad Im such a dork. Having no friends means not having to talk to people. Its great. I gotta go now. Im going to wash those clothes from the thrift store. They smell like ass. o.O

"Hey! This is great. Not like vegetables at all."

Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 05:16 pm
Ok so I hate holidays so fucking much. Even though it's a little late to be posting this, I had to go to my cousins house for Easter, because it's always fun to celebrate something you dont believe. Then my aunt was bitching about how I wasnt eating any meat and Im like well I dont eat meat, and shes like we were made with canine teeth cause were supposed to eat meat. Then my brother went, yeah I say we only got one life to live, so might as well. My aunt said yeah thats what the bible said, and i was like i personally believe n reincarnation. Then she was like, yeah but theres nothing to prove that and its impossible. Its like what the hell is there to prove that theres god and he can supposedly like spread water and shit. What the hell I mean let me believe what I want. I think she is like against Buddhism, so I was talking about it to piss her off. Religious people are so fucking close-minded. I think she sprobably a leader of some cult. Shes like moving to Africa for the peace corps or something. Im actually kind of glad though, as mean as that sounds. Well Im being yelled at to unload the dishwasher. I cant believe I havent updated about the taste of chaos yet. Well Im off. o.O
Current Music: christine-siouxsie and the banshees

Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 01:00 am
Holy shit ok so Im posting in here for the first time in like....ages. It might be because I know I wont be able to go to sleep right now, so Im sitting here in the dark writing in every blog thing i have knowing that no one is going to read any of it. Oh well. I have an urge to cry right now and I really don't know why, but I hate this feeling. I feel really like disgustingly hideous right now and its like...why do I even try. I mean Im not being like self-pitying cause Im not like a disgusting beast or anything, but I think it really sucks how beauty is like all that matters nowadays even though everyone tries to deny it and say its the inside that counts. But really, no awesome guys will even get to know a girl if theyre really ugly, and therefore not know how cool they are anyway. And if he does, its not like the guy will think the girl is beautiful even though he might like to make her think that. So I just realized that there is no hope for really ugly people. But then I guess it would suck for like really pretty girls too because thats the only reason guys would go out with them.....hmmmm. For once, Im actually not sure which would be worse, but I hate and love being neither.....Wow Im making myself seem really ugly now. Yeah I should probably get some sleep cause I have enough baggage as it is. That sounds gross as fuck. I have to go to my cousins tomorrow for easter and im like forced to celebrate it by my aunt, though i really dont believe in anything. At least I didnt have to go to my grandmas today, cause we hate eachother. I really need to cuddle.........mmmmmhuh......o.O

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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 08:16 pm
I havent written in here for like ever. I think way too fucking much. Shit. I suck. Wow that was pointless. o.O

Nov. 25th, 2004 @ 11:07 am
Well i decided i dont wanna shower right now. Im watching Maury and theres this half naked 985906151584665 pound lady on it. Shes really fucking hot. I think im getting horny. Shit I have to go.
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Man i have to go to my cousin's today for thanksgiving. Im sure this will be a shitload of fun. Im trying to starve myself anyway but my aunt will like yell at me if i dont eat anything. At least its not Christmas thats worse. She makes a cake for jesus's birthday and we all have to eat it. I think she sang to him last year.She put those little cinamon things on it to represent the blood he gave for us and like this spiny grass around it for the little wreath he had on his head. Shit its only like..............a month till christmas. But my cousins are little shits. The ones like 7 and im pretty sure hes gonna grow up to be a sexual offender. Its extremely boring and my mom wont even let me take my c.d. player into their house because its rude or something. God my gay cousin isnt gonna be there. Hes my favorite. Hes in Las Vegas gambling or something on the money my aunt gave him since he like doesnt even have a job. Hes like 42. I have no idea how my cousin is like 20 some years older than me but.......he is. I think he has AIDS too. Im not sure. So Im pretty much gonna die today. I always end up like babysitting the little jackasses so they dont like blow up their microwave again.(when i was babysitting them in the summer one of them put a krispy kreme in the microwave for 6 minutes)It was actually pretty funny. Well now Im rambling. Were going pretty soon. I smell like an ass Im gonna go shower.o.O
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Yeah im sure we'll get molested or something in Cleveland.


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HAHAHAHA. Today i wanted to stay home just for the hell of it.(and im actually sick too) I dont have a life so yesterday i made this shit out of oatmeal stuff, salsa, pickle juice and like everything in my fridge. So this morniong i poured it all in my mouth and then ran downstairs and "puked" it into the toilet.(i know how immature i am) Then i ended up almost really puking because it was so narsty which helped.(but it kinda got on my stairs too EEW) It was actually really believable i must say. I was like kneeling on the floor and wretching and it was all running down my face. I am proud of myself. So now i get to stay home and i have nothing to do. YAY. uhh........yeah. hmmmm. Im really bored now. HEHEHE Gary has one teestikyle. I wonder if its in the middle or one one side. HMMMMMMM. I think Ill go walk to Taco Bell.o.O
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gerard hehehe gerard hehehehe gerard hehehe gerard hehehe. SEX hehehe. WOAH!!!! gerard = sex. YA.o.O
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